When it all Began

Founded in 1895 by Isidor Magill, we have prided ourselves in producing quality headwear, in addition to having second-to-none customer service. Four generations deep of wisdom and experience, we have consistently been able to carry out our rich legacy, while adapting to necessary changes.

Employing artists who love what they do, we take pride in developing every hat & cap that goes through our history-filled, Canadian doors. Whether we are manufacturing fashion-oriented Fedoras worn by A-list celebreties, classic Fedoras for the everyday individual, or textile Ivy-inspired caps, you can rest assured knowing that we have paid strong attention to every detail of your new chapeau!

Although you can find us in chain-stores, we are honored that our life-long fulfillment of servicing independents, owned and operated by your parents and grand-parents continues. With current distribution to wholesalers and retailers world-wide, we are thrilled to announce our products are now directly available to consumers through our e-commerce website.

We thank you for your support throughout the years, and look froward to our continued journey together


Marvin Shostak

Jarred Shostak